Create your own History !

Enjoy the fellowship of like minded strategists online with popular Games like EiA Histwar Ageod

We are a Wargames Club with a commitment towards Napoleonic wargaming.  All wargame
battles are played online. A lot of battles are played in campaign style as well as historic battles and non historic battles.

 A more realistic approach is the playing of campaign battles
and supports an appreciation of the times and events of the period rather than having a battle just
for the sake of having a battle.  One needs to conserve troops for the next battle, and the one after
that ... - with the idea that one may lose a battle but still win the war.  

Strategy and logistics are the keys to good campaign wargaming. Maintaining a campaign, with an
army/ies in the field and keeping it in good health and fighting spirit {morale] takes a lot of work.  
Many leaders of the time found this to be a difficult task.  We have found making teams for each
side a good way to share this burden.



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