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updated 1 August 2017



There are  3  levels of membership to our club.


1.      Newly Registered Member:  


This level is gained on registration and lasts for the first 3 months.  You may initiate conversations, post replies, comment on, like and vote on our Chat Social site.   Also, it is expected that you join into a game. - only 1 game at this time. And that game is a bipartisan game 


2.      Registered Members:


On becoming a full registered member after 3 months, you may play in up to 2 games. One game must be a bipartisan game. 


3.      Subscribed Members


After 6 months, you may wish to become a moderator in a game. For this you need to be a subscribed member of the club.  The cost is $5  a year and can be renewed each year.  Subscribed players may be involved in up to 3 games. 

4.      Continued membership requires a signing in to TGHQ site at least once a year.

Xeflin SIte Admin