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Donation Campaigns

We need $200AUD per year to run this site and is paid every December. Donations can help us do more with software etc. Once the amount is achieved this Campaign will finish this is for the year 2016.

Those that are in more than one game please donate at least $5.00 for the year to help running costs. (less than 1c per day)  For every Dollar donated (to a maximum of $25) you get 5 Ranking Points and are eligible for a prized Tournament game per year for every donation over $10.00, details of which will follow, during the course of the year.

Ranking points allow you to have first pick on choice of game positions in new games, by order of rank. Donations are simply a that,  this does not imply nor any intentions to imply any quid pro quo arrangement regarding Increased Administration of the site, nor to any other Administrator.

Thanks for your Help

Actual costs to run the site are $170 AUS from Siteground which is based in the US, this includes Joomla updates from time to time throughout the year.  Stack ideas is the Forum Software which cost $110.00 AUS

Admin put in about $80 plus any once off software cost from time to time. This Software for the Donations has a one off cost of $40 AUD, and Im looking at another software, this year which may change or improve the file delivery system from that of Stack Ideas. Also looking for ways to keep costs down without sacrificing security.

 The "Donars List" has the latest subscribed members for this year and shows last year Donars as well.