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THE GENERALS HQ was created in July 2005 and is a worldwide Strategy Online gaming group. As a community we are open to all games and time periods. Professional game testers and Mod Developers are members of our club.

TGHQ prefers to support mulitplayer 4 or 4+ games but other games can be played and with AI players as needed. For each game, a Games Moderator ensures fair play and players’ Code of Conduct (see Code of Conduct) followed. Our aim is that everyone has a good and positive experience from each game.

TGHQ uses quality, previously-tested titles. For quality assurance and to help ensure player suitability and freedom from bugs, all games are subjected to at least 6 months testing before being put on the site. We welcome all members to be involved in this testing, as it benefits us all.  If there is a particular game, which is not on this site, which you favour and would like to be tested (played and assessed), please tell us on TGHQ JChat Social,

There is no intention to favour any brand - we are a truly independent club.

There are free players and subscription players (see Membership)- where sub players are able to play Campaign tournaments. To register your interest in any game, just click on the game picture icon and add your name to the list. (see Games Available/Opponents Wanted). You may put your name down for more than one game. When all spots are filled with names, an email will be sent to those players informing that the game is ready to begin.

As a group we have an independent market influence on game titles that are produced. For your information the performances of games will be featured on the site from time to time.

We welcome feedback. Please contact us on TGHQ JChat Social for all comments, requests, likes and questions.