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Some recent shots played weekend friday 22nd January 2016 Romanov and Gazfun

Battle of Timpko Chateau

Three objectives to win the battle Moulin de Speltz, Modlno (centre right) and the Forest at Tanherall. The french have the centre position

12th Division defending the woods objective

Some of the French 12th Division in action defending the woods objective which is centre right, on the map

12th and 14th Divisions in the back ground splitting

Earlier troops movemets. In the distance the 12th & 14th Divisions move towards the woods objective point, as D'erlon notices the Prussian have taken thier objective far right on the map (seemap)

Close up action shot



 The Prussian start position is where the small UK/Prussian Flag icon is located at the North of the map. From here the Prussians had a long journey to their objectives.

Unfortunately it did not come out as clear as i had hoped.


The Following two Images are of Von Bolkes Brigade which engaged the French on the bottom left objective.

Both were taken after the battle and shows the ferocity of the fighting.







As this game is Real time Strategy we are starting a real time stratgey community in each time zone.

Our immediate time zone is +8 to +12 GMT

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