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Updated 27/6/2018




There are  3  levels of membership to our club.


1.      Newly Registered Member:  


This level is gained on registration and lasts for the first 3 months.  You may initiate conversations, post replies, comment on, like and vote on our Chat Social site.   Also, it is expected that you join into a game. - only 1 game at this time. And that game or one on one, or in a multiplayer game.


2.      Registered Members:


On becoming a full registered member after 3 months, you can play in up to 2 games. And can participate in Group or League tournament game like ATG group Games, or any other title where player group together  EiA or any other Multiplayer game.


3.      Subscribed Members


After 6 months, you may wish to become a moderator in a game.  Players may be involved in up to 3 games.

4.      Continued membership requires a signing in to TGHQ site at least once a year. with up to date Game owners info, so other players can contact via our data base



Xeflin SIte Admin