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Welcome to the Generals HQ Forums. This forum is to talk about Strategy War-gaming and titles worthy of note. And as a upload center. Feel free to add your opinions on the titles you like if there isn't a forum for it then post in the General Discussions forum and when there is enough active interest by votes* and likes* given by members then that will be put up as a category for discussion for the future. We are an interactive group that wants to keep up with new software titles that come up from time to time.
  1. Nedfn
  2. Avatar Displayed Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Sunday, 04 December 2016
I am trying to set up an ATG training game. This is a great game but there is a considerable learning curve. I would set up a number of player vs an equal number of AI players. The scenario can be tailored to handle a large number players(probably more that will sign up.

Human players will all be connected for chat in Slackbot. Ideas can be exchanged, questions can be asked and answered, strategies and tactics can be discussed.

The objective is to expand the players knowledge of the game.

Respond to this forum if you are interested.

Players signed up so far

Orleans Commune-Rocket
Armored Lion-Nippon
Petete-Eastern Empire
Lordlai1-New Union
Pythonmagnus-Middle Kingdom
Pythonmagnus-London Protectorate

I would like to have a few more players so we will wait a little longer for more signups.
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