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    Generals HQ Forum and Discussions

    Welcome to the Generals HQ Forums. This forum is to talk about Strategy War-gaming and titles worthy of note. And as a upload center. Feel free to add your opinions on the titles you like if there isn't a forum for it then post in the General Discussions forum and when there is enough active interest by votes* and likes* given by members then that will be put up as a category for discussion for the future. We are an interactive group that wants to keep up with new software titles that come up from time to time.

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    Ageod Wars of Succession (WSS)

    So who is interested to play test this with me when it comes out?...
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    Register for any style of ATG Game

    New games here please let us know if you want one here...

    Live Data Stream

    File uploads and normal info has now gone live, in a data cloud see Pic below. When you sign up you will get an invite to join the data stream ...

    EiA Game Alpha

    Please sign up here for a new EiA game and we will send you a invitation to our File Management system in Cloud Thanks...

    EiA Trial Game

    EiA Trial forum All files will be loaded here at this forum and or given direct by Private Message or in Conferance View to me The 24 hour rule does apply to this game, from the last players turn, the rest can be viewed in the Players Conduct Rule...


    Current every friday /Saturday the team of the three of us have been playing a RTS game called Stellaris, its a very similar to the Space game called Galactic Civilizations but a lot faster. Its a empire building game with Research, Regime selection,...

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    1. Posts: 52
    2. Resolved Posts: 48
    3. Unresolved Posts: 42
    4. Latest Member: Calliope
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