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Generals HQ Forum and Discussions

Welcome to the Generals HQ Forums. This forum is to talk about Strategy War-gaming and titles worthy of note. And as a upload center. Feel free to add your opinions on the titles you like if there isn't a forum for it then post in the General Discussions forum and when there is enough active interest by votes* and likes* given by members then that will be put up as a category for discussion for the future. We are an interactive group that wants to keep up with new software titles that come up from time to time.

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New announcement

<p>A new announcement has been listed for players</p> <p>Please view.</p> <p><a href="/13-players/20-announcements">Announcements</a></p>...

Interactive communication tool

Hi Gents We have changed our daily Com tool to JCchat Social this is an inclusive program that you can use as being a member of TGHQ automatically. See this link on the home page front and centre. Also there is Chat Conferencing where 2 or more ca...
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Brigadier General

Ageod Wars of Succession (WSS)

So who is interested to play test this with me when it comes out?...
Sergeant Major

Empires in Arms v1.23.00 Beta is Available

Please see v1.23.00 Beta, Update 23/09/2019 for details. Besides numerous bug fixes, there are two important updates: 1. The 1812 Grand Campaign is included for both classic EIA and alternate EIH versions. 2. Comprehensive changes made to fix loan...

EiA Game A starts

With the start of Game A please upload any interesting AARs for this game here please ...

EiA Version 1.22.02

Any problems with the version let us know Pzgndr hopefully may see the post...

Pike and Shot

I have just bought this game with the Campaign system it has in it, looks like it might be a winner, But would like some feedback on the details, and try it out...

Field of Glory 2 Belisauris

Thinking about this game as well anyone got it?, whats it like...

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  1. Posts: 127
  2. Resolved Posts: 51
  3. Unresolved Posts: 80
  4. Latest Member: Marmaduke
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