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 Pike and Shot Feature


The ultimate wargame set in the age of Pike and Shot is back. You are now in full charge of your nation’s armies, throughout a long campaign in the struggle for dominance.

Now you can march in the footsteps of the great leaders of these wars, as you take command in the mighty struggles of the Great Turkish War, the Thirty Years War and the English Civil War.

History can be rewritten as you use your genius to lead your armies from victory to victory in Pike and Shot’s uniquely realized tactical battles. Previous victories and defeats determine the state of readiness of your forces, and every single unit will count to win the final battle. As you progress through the campaign, you will make hard decisions on a brand new strategic map, where terrain, manpower, supply, attrition, sieges and economic damage will all be defining your choices and making the difference between glory and defeat.

Pike and Shot Campaigns also includes the Pike and Shot  base game and the Tercio to Salvo expansion. Owners of Pike and Shot get a 75% discount when upgrading to Pike and Shot : Campaigns. If you have a version from our site or an affiliated store you’ll have a serial. Your Pike and Shot serial will act as a discount code to give you 75% when applied to your shopping cart on the Slitherine or Matrix sites.

If you buy Pike & Shot: Campaigns from Slitherine or Matrix, you will be able to use the serial assigned to you to activate your product on Steam. In order to do this, hit the "add game" button located to the bottom left of the Steam client and follow the on screen instructions. When prompted for a Steam key, enter the serial assigned to you by Matrix or Slitherine. 

The printed manual of Pike and Shot: Campaigns is the same contained in the boxed version of the previous Pike and Shot

We are currently reviewing this game to check out what it says is true, and suitable, go to our new games forums, you are welcome to join the discussion here


User Rating: 5 / 5

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Stellaris action


This game has added updates which has vastly improved administrative aspects, and has changed the movement to that of designated space lanes, with Tech improvements of Jump Drives Natural Wormholes, and Constructed Wormholes at designated places.
The advent of Starports that has to be built to secure a section of space for your empire can be upgraded to 4 or 5 levels Starholds, Starforts, Starcities, Citadels.

Stellaris Empires

Galactic Federation (2 powers right and center bottom) vs Grand Compact Alliance (3 powers Top and Bottom)



User Rating: 5 / 5

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Advanced Tactics Gold Scenario Bank

VR Designs scenarion bank 

Enhanced Mod Suite Description

Includes Enhanced Resources, Enhanced AI and Enhanced Officers. Runs with latest version but without the new tank models (update pending). All options can be combined or standalone. Single Player or MP. Enjoy! 


 Tutorials for ATG at Matrix Links below

Key Concepts for New Players

General Info for New Players

Utube Videos 9 tuturiols explaining UI Detail, Reorganising Forces, very comprehensive

TOE Docs new game rule here


Unit Atributes

Unit Attributes


Map Icons

Map Icons


User Rating: 4 / 5

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GD 1938

A course in how to take over the world

by Ernieschwitz (Claus E. Füssel)


So you have been playing around alittle with Advanced Tactics Gold, and now you have stumbled across a mod that seems popular: GD 1938. Seems strange that this collection of letters and numbers have been chosen for a scenario, so let us just properly introduce the scenario. Once upon a time there was a game made for Advanced Tactics, called Global Domination. It was set in 1900 and had one purpose, to conquer the world as a selected power. Well... GD 1938, is a sequel to it. GD stands simply for Global Domination, and 1938 is the start year for the scenario. At the onset of the game there are 8 nations, and all these need to be played by humans. Now each human, can elect to play as many nations as he or she wills, but the game really shines when there is at least 1 axis players, 1 soviet player, and 2 allied players. The more the merrier though.

User Rating: 5 / 5

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Based on the award winning game engine by the same name, Advanced Tactics: Gold offers a unique and infinitely replayable wargaming experience for any strategy fan.