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GD 1938

A course in how to take over the world

by Ernieschwitz (Claus E. Füssel)


So you have been playing around alittle with Advanced Tactics Gold, and now you have stumbled across a mod that seems popular: GD 1938. Seems strange that this collection of letters and numbers have been chosen for a scenario, so let us just properly introduce the scenario. Once upon a time there was a game made for Advanced Tactics, called Global Domination. It was set in 1900 and had one purpose, to conquer the world as a selected power. Well... GD 1938, is a sequel to it. GD stands simply for Global Domination, and 1938 is the start year for the scenario. At the onset of the game there are 8 nations, and all these need to be played by humans. Now each human, can elect to play as many nations as he or she wills, but the game really shines when there is at least 1 axis players, 1 soviet player, and 2 allied players. The more the merrier though.

So who are these super powers, that each player can control, and achieve global domination with. Well, some of them may seem somewhat less super than others, but that is how history was. Life and War is not fair, we all have different strengths and weaknesses. In short order the nations are: Germany, Italy and Japan, which constitutes the Axis, then there is the Soviet Union, and the Western Allies; France, Britain, China and USA.

Now the game, should formally be a replay of the 2nd World War, with some deviations. Oh who am I kidding, alot of deviations. All the nations have what would be considered free reigns over their countries. So alot of What-Ifs can be expected to happen. That is not a bad thing, it actually makes for a better game. GD 1938 is NOT a simulation. It's an approximation, but above all, it is a game.

So, with all that said. We can now turn to our first topic, and I will start out with something that may already be baffling you: Naval Combat. Now why is that troublesome? Well first of all, the AI, which you might have been playing is not a very good Naval player. In fact, it cheats to achieve it's even meager results: The AI always has full knowledge of your naval ships positions. Which makes sub warfare something you may have tried and failed at... well... don't despair; against a human it is quite effective.

Making life miserable for Great Britain ?

The first thing to note, about the 2nd world war, was that sub warfare played a very large role, in making life miserable for Great Britain. The British found out they needed to use various strategies to combat the simple idea behind a u-boat. So how to achieve this?



This is a picture of a formation of Uboats. The ones available to the German player in Kiel, actually. There are 10 of them and there are some stats available next to the picture of it. None of these statistics are really vital, if you want to know the effectiveness of the Uboat or Submarine in question. What is really important is the range of it, and the area it can cover to intercept supplies. So where to find these?


This is what you are looking for, the Screen called General stats. This has some nice information on it. Firstly the speed of the uboats can be read, and it is of type naval 2. While this is technically not very informative, it means that the uboat can move 1 hex pr. 8 AP. (it has 100 AP normally).

Secondly you should look at the supply carry stat. This means the uboat can stay at sea until it has used up 25 supply, which it carries. So how many supplies does it use. Well, that is the supply consumption. (Next line). Each turn it will use 5 supplies. So these Uboats can stay at sea for 5 turns, and should then be home to refuel and resupply. Not alot.

Third statistic to look at is actually not in the first column at all, but in the second one. It is the AntiSup Pts. Sea stat. This is how much supply (If i recall correctly, i may be wrong) that the uboat can intercept, in ordinary circumstances (open sea, not next to a port). So where can it intercept this. Well... this is where the MOST important stat comes into play. The AntiSup Range. This is set at 50. Which means 50% of movement area. So every hex within half of the submarines movement radius is checked for supply loss. This is awesome, to know.

Does it get more awesome than this? Yes, in fact it does. Germany unlike any of the other nations is capable of building a submarine III. These stats above are only for a submarine II. So let us take a look at a Submarine III:


So we get alot of text, in this case. Again, very interesting for the History buff. I personally like these touches. It was one of the reasons I got Alexandre (Bombur) to make the Subformation Types for the game. We get some useful info too. Like it being cheap. (You can actually build 2 submarine III for the price of 1, submarine II). Again, what is not to like.

Here is the General tab, for the Submarine III.


Ok, so what have we got here? More good stuff, basically. It moves faster (Naval 4, double speed yay!). It has the same supply carry and supply consumption as the submarine II, but here is the good news. It has an Anti Supply Sea rating of 12 (almost double that of the submarine II), and an anti supply range of 50% of its range.

Well that is pretty awesome. It can move double the distance of a submarine II, so it covers double the radius in anti supply duty. And double the trouble, as it takes out double the amount of supplies. Seems like a hit to me!

(This concludes the first class of GD 1938; in A course in how to take over the world)