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 Part 2

Location, Location, Location!

GD 1938Pic5Euro

 So now we know what a weapon the submarine can be. But for those who maybe have yet to imagine the possibilities, let us look at the map around Britain and Germany.

 So where to place these uboats that we have. Well... Our submarine IIs would have a radius of around 6, with which to disrupt supplies flowing to and from Britain. We can actually move our submarines to the very tip of England just west of Plymouth, or to the north of Scapa Flow by a few hexes. From there the radius would be 6 hexes. So that covers from Brest to London or so, if placed near Plymouth. Very Impressive. Remember this was even if it was just a submarine II, it gets much better if it is a submarine III.

But how do we know where the supplies will run. Are we just placing our submarines at random, hoping desperately to run into a freight ship line? No of course not. Here it is a good idea to remember that supplies always flow the fastest possible route, to its destination. So, If given a choice between one route that is 200 APs away and one that is 190 AP away, it will choose the latter.

But you don't want to sit counting hexes all day, now do you. Cause that is what would be required to find that route. Very annoying, might take long to play this game. Luckily there is an easier way. Enter the Supply map.






GD1938 PicTool bar

This is a section of the bottom of the User Interface. That long line below the actual map. I have clicked on London, while playing Germany. There is a Gas Can Symbol in the center of this interface. Clicking it will reveal the supply map. Let us try it. See what we get.


GD1938 England Supply

      See how London is colored White, and England, well most of it, is colored Green? (There is an Island, the Shetlands, that is not). This means that these areas are in good supply and they get whatever they ask for, mostly. Now how does this relate to sea combat, you might ask... Well... If we Click on Right Gibraltar, we quickly see how.












GD1938 England Supply route   The red arrows are key here. They show the route the supply has to take. So placing a submarine II within 6 hexes of this route will allow supplies to be intercepted. Why you  could have a Submarine placed at Bordeaux and intercept stuff as far away as La Coruna to Brest. What does this mean?

Well basically it means that the British player would need to search everywhere within 6 hexes along the supply route to be sure to have rid the place of submarines. Now that is a big area! Not something you do easily at all.

So you definitely want to have submarines out and about as the German player. To stop all that nice supply from reaching Britain, from its colonies, where it is made, and used by the ships in the North Sea...

However, while it may be easy to calculate the most optimal place for intercepting enemy supplies, you might want to think about that your opponent ALSO can do this. So the best places might be the worst ones in the long run, as they might easily be the most areas most hunted as well. Just remember: The Location of a submarine is everything.

(This concludes the second class of GD 1938; A course in how to take over the world)