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In February we will be announcing a tournament

For the tournament to begin we need at least 6 players in a Random Game of ATG.

The random game is previously selected and competitors will receive a copy of the Map to look at before commencing. This game will consist of two players per team randomised to ensure fair play with the game being conducted over the coming  months. The game proceeds at the normal  site rules with ideally there being at least one turn per day per player

The victory points being tallied at the conclusion as part of the ATG victory procedure. Unless one player or team surrenders or forfeits the game. A forfeiture can be through a player not submitting or unable to submit turns to the game. This can also mean a player who is winning by points month and cannot or does not submit any more turns then the opposing player wins by default.

Any issues to be handled by the Super admin team.

Game played on a very Large sized map, with mirror image..

A prize of a $20 Matrix voucher to the winner and a $5.00 Voucher for the 2nd player in that team based.. Subsribed player who have a membersahip donation of $25 or more may enter, or an entry cost of a $5.00 donation, the $5.00 donation will also make you a full member for the year. Final details on this based on the number of players yet to be advised. But there must be 6 player to start off the Tournament

Any interested members please leave your name. and post here in the forum link provided below