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Histwar Napoleon
Napoléon is a tactical and operational game set in the period between 1804-1814.
Live a unique experience: This simulation will put you in the midst of your men as the commander in chief.
When not fighting, build your army and define your military doctrine with the order of battle and doctrine editors.

Here you are now on the battlefield. In a few orders, you position your troops and elaborate a plan that is quickly transmitted down the chain of command to marshals, generals and other officers. In a few clicks you will reposition tens of thousands of combatants.
The battle begins; aides de camp and messengers from your regiments sent to scout bring back the first dispatches.

Alone, concentrating on the center of the battle, you see your troops, their moral high, advance in tight ranks as if they were in a parade.

The smoke, dust and fog cover sometimes the horizon. Canon fire can be heard from a distance. It is time to commit the guard to break the enemy line.

The map from the high command is in front of you. You indicate where this final push should take place to break your enemy’s will to fight.

Your gamble succeeded.

Victory. You just rewrote history. You reminisce on the battles that lead to this decisive confrontation.

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